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Weekly Intentions [12/8-12/12]

With only two weeks to go until Winter break, my backlog is about to burst… Good thing I have the power of Trello to organize my week!

Here’s what I’ve got so far…

Pizza-making: I plan on supporting @failspy and @abbyo with this today.  Their last batch was super tasty.

Scooter workshop w/Lescot and Logan: Last week we started to clean up some scrap scooters that @likeaboss’s dad brought in for us.  They are in fine working condition, but just need to be cleaned up and given a WD40 treatment.  I intend to continue this project today and Wednesday with @likeaboss and @legolad22.


Philosophy: We have two sessions scheduled this week, including one today on One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest hosted by @kingthanos.

Sports chats with Luca:  An exciting week in the NFL will lead to some good lunchtime chats with @fireballdeath.

Wiki Trails:  I intend to take Wikitrails back to beta this week by just picking a random topic and clicking through the trail without an end goal.  I’ve found that going from one wiki to another as fast as possible takes the focus away from actually reading interesting info therein.  I’ve also heard rumor that The Lorax will be roaming the halls of ALC on Friday and may want to offer another Wikitrail meet-up…

Geoguessr:  Coming off a weekend where I practiced (yes, I do actually like this game THAT much) my guessing, I’m hoping to help team ALC to a 15,000+ round score this week.

Chronology: Using the upgraded expansion pack, @shadowjack and I will learn even more (maybe) relevant historical dates.

Wood-working:  @shadowjack and I are going to start building a bookcase for @tomis and my home office this week!

Hip-hop lyrical analysis:  @kingthanos and I will meet for the first time this week to discuss the lyrics of hip-hop songs and analyze their meeting.  We plan to select 2-3 songs per session.

Werewolves [upgrade!]:  I’m super-juiced to try @failspy’s expansion pack for Werewolves!  This includes a ghost (the first villager to die) and a more useful role for Bob the Brick!

Guests:  We have 2 visiting students this week!  I intend to hold extreme coherence for making sure they enjoy their experience at ALC this week.


Bis Freitag,




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