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Minecraft is back at ALC-NYC!  Well, it never really left, but the popularity of “Agile Badger” has waned significantly since it’s inception.  This is a thing with Minecraft worlds… You spend considerable time collecting resources, building structures, farms, redstone contraptions, and maybe even beat the Ender Dragon and the Wither.  And then… what?  Sometimes a fresh start feels like a great idea, and so far it has been.

Since @timotree opened “No Port” (named for the IP, which lacks a port), there has been a rejuvenated interest in group Minecrafting, with early contributions from @chimp, @pigcraft8, @douglasawesome, @kirkorovfan, @timotree, and myself.  Though much of my early work has been mining to obtain as much cobblestone as possible, I got a nice little reward for my efforts (which required I “dig deeper” to Y-coordinate 12):

The reason I’ve been stockpiling all this cobble is to avoid a mistake we made in world building on our previous server- building our homes in the spawn chunk.  This area is best reserved for auto-processes, like an iron golem farm, as the chunk (see the above link for more info) is always loaded.  This means that even when no players are in the area, the auto-processes will continue to run in the background.

I want to offer a special thanks to @failspy, who is kindly hosting the server for us.  If you’d like to join us, please email me (ryan@nycagile.org) or message Timo via the ALC website so that we can whitelist your account.

For more information on the history of “No Port,” check out @timotree ‘s blog.

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