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Wikitrails 11/18

@jacobcb and Javair joined me today for the trails.  Here’s where we went (starting with a random article)…

Leung Chii Lin —> Beijing—>Traditional Chinese Medicine—>Pathology—>Necrosis

4 clicks!

We also found out some cool stuff about Chinese medicine.  Like this:

The Six Excesses 

  1. Wind (风, pinyinfēng): rapid onset of symptoms, wandering location of symptoms, itching, nasal congestion, “floating” pulse;[29] tremor, paralysis, convulsion.[21]
  2. Cold (寒, pinyinhán): cold sensations, aversion to cold, relief of symptoms by warmth, watery/clear excreta, severe pain, abdominal pain, contracture/hypertonicity of muscles, (slimy) white tongue fur, “deep”/”hidden” or “string-like” pulse,[72] or slow pulse.[34]
  3. Fire/Heat (火, pinyinhuǒ): aversion to heat, high fever, thirst, concentrated urine, red face, red tongue, yellow tongue fur, rapid pulse.[21] (Fire and heat are basically seen to be the same)[26]
  4. Dampness (湿, pinyinshī): sensation of heaviness, sensation of fullness, symptoms of Spleen dysfunction, greasy tongue fur, “slippery” pulse.[34]
  5. Dryness (燥, pinyinzào): dry cough, dry mouth, dry throat, dry lips, nosebleeds, dry skin, dry stools.[21]
  6. Summerheat (暑, pinyinshǔ): either heat or mixed damp-heat symptoms.[26]
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