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Weekly Intentions for 12/15-12/19

I have a lot planned this week, so I decided to blog my intentions for the week before what promises to be a busy Monday morning.

@bear is coming with two of his friends [and I think his sister] to get some footage for a 2-3 minute promo video for ALC NYC.  It’s a good day for that as we will have a wide variety of offerings at set-the-week meeting, including a trip to see The Hobbit:  The Battle of 5 Armies, Hip-Hop lyrical analysis, Wikitrails, Geoguessr, woodworking, Acrobalance, GO, and Japanese.


This week, I intend to

1) Make my lunch every day

2) Have only one serving of caffeine per day

3) Support Jack in building a bookshelf [we have to buy a new T-square Monday]

4) Go to see the 3rd installment of The Hobbit trilogy.

4.5) Offer a challenge to read The Hobbit before we go to see it Wednesday.

5) Hold coherence for Geoguessr [Tuesday]

6) Participate in Wikitrails [Friday w/Lorax if there is enough interest]

7) Analyze two hip-hop songs with @kingthanos

8) Schedule and facilitate a culture committee meeting re: restructuring clean-up jobs


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