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Redstone Tutorial

For a little over a year now, I have been crafting with kids here at ALC NYC.  Last November, we started a survival world called #NOCHEATS.  I have watched this world grow (with the help of students from all four ALCs) into something really special.

My own personal minecraft experience has been limited, however.  Mining, crafting (weapons, armor, tools, etc), farming, enchanting and adventuring are all things I have engaged in, but something was missing…  Until today, I had almost no idea about how the game’s main power conduit, redstone, worked.  With the help of @fireballdeath, I am no longer completely ignorant as to it’s uses.  You can get REALLY creative once you understand how to utilize this resource, and I’m excited to experiment with it now that I know a few of the basics.  Here are a few of the things I learned today:

1) Redstone can form a functioning chain that is 15 blocks long.  To extend it’s range, you can use a repeater.  These things can also be adjusted to increase or decrease the amount of time it takes for the current to pass through the redstone path.

2) Things like pistons, doors, dispenser, droppers, glowstone lamps, and mine cart rails can all be powered by redstone.

3) You can activate redstone by using a button, pressure plate, lever, or redstone torch.  Buttons and pressure plates are used for a burst of energy, a lever keeps the energy flowing while engaged, and a redstone torch powers the redstone consistently.


4) A comparator has four functions: maintain signal strength, compare signal strength, subtract signal strength, and measure certain block states (primarily the fullness of containers).  Because it takes 2 game ticks (0.1 seconds) for a signal to move through a comparator, they can be used as ‘clocks’ when built in conjunction with a repeater (see the video below at 1:53).

5) I learned how to build a “T Flip-flop” gate (see 3:35 in the video).  This is a basic redstone structure that will turn one side of a circuit off when the other is on.

Here’s the video of the tutorial: 

Look for a redstone creation from me next week!




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