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An emerging ALC offering: Friday Cooking Class

“By the end of the year you’ll be cracking these [eggs] with one hand,” Nancy, our newest volunteer and definitely (skilled) amateur chef said to @likeaboss.  He smiled as he used the two-handed technique familiar to him.

Moments later, @likeaboss was joined by @thewitchqueen908, @douglasawesome, @theskycookie, and @ryanshollenberger, who began measuring, mixing, pouring and prepping the oven.  20 mins and 350 degrees later, we were decorating with peanut M&M’s, “hot tamales,” and chocolate icing.

There was awesome collaborative energy in the room, and I could tell this would be an offering that would catch on well at ALCNYC.  Nancy Hooper, a former NYC high school English teacher and freelance writer, has offered her time to us every Friday to make student-suggested recipes.  Next up:  meat lasagna.

Just as awesome as seeing kids learn culinary skills was watching this volunteer get excited about self-directed learning.  Nancy admitted to @abbyo and I that she was tentative about working with a school like ours.  The usual “there’s no curriculum,” and “what about the basics” questions were definitely present for her, but after a few weeks of corresponding with @abbyo, she seemed willing to give it a try.  I give her a TON of credit.  It’s really hard for kids who have spent years in traditional schools to transition to self-directed environments, and can be even harder for teachers.

I learned a neat new recipe trick today as well- cupcakes in ice-cream cones.  Pure genius:


Until next week-

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