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Lyrical Analysis 2/4/15

@abbyo and @failspy joined @kingthanos and I for lyrical analysis.  First up was one I have been wanting to examine for a while…

Kendrick Lamar- “Money Trees”



We had to transcribe the second song because the lyrics weren’t online…

The Jazz Liberatorz- “We got the Jazz (Liberatorz)”

Stern firm and young with the Maybach drive

The aim is to succeed and achieve at 25

One time for the hurdles we about to surmount

Two times for the herbals we about to burn down

Three times for the verbals its about to go down

We spitting so cold like the rhymes are snow bound

If you want it than i got like its chillin my pocket

Yo this steelo shit is primo like

Got you high like hydroponic

We straight rushing MCs

I damage any challenger no fuckin’ with me

I light it up and bring the summer like 300 degrees

Steady blazing in the car like we Senegalese

I scope the track and i feast when i spazz

Knocking whack MCs right down on their ass

I vibe the funk and i feast on the jazz

If you hoping on the train head to Africa and brass

Like the puff puff pass i smoke ya tough stuff cass?

Annihilate your craft with your roughed up drafts

But chill b first class, we in it

We bossy, and y’all beginners

Take it from a pro pay attention take some notes

This is rhymin 101 how to impact your frontal lobe

Resurrector of the lost and perfecter of the found

Y’all quick to take a loss so you better slow it down



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