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Co-Blogging 2/6/15

5 New Things I Did This Week:

1) The Compliment Me-Me Game– Created by @abram, this game has three components [compliment, wink, gratitude] that always occur in order.  The game begins when person 1 compliments, winks at, or expresses a gratitude to person 2.  Person 2 then does the next action in the order, and person 1 completes the round by performing the 3rd action.

2) Capoeira (with @abram, @abbyo, and @failspy) Thanks to Rebecca for the instruction and Brazilian history lesson!

3) Co-blogging (with @douglasawesome and @abram) trying the ALC Everett-style blogging questions for the first time.

4) Play ‘Coup’ blind- both @failspy and I tried to play ALCNYC’s new favorite game without knowing our cards.  It actually turned out to be an OP strategy, as it throughly confused the other players, making them unsure about when to challenge our maneuvers.  @douglasawesome has named me ‘The Captain’ of ALCNYC Coup…


5) Learned how to make a super-efficient mineshaft elevator in Minecraft using vines, trapdoors, and mine carts.  By placing a mine cart directly above an open trapdoor every other block in a mine shaft, you can move up and down extremely quickly.  Thanks, @timotree, for showing me how!

Vine+Unknown+images=OP Elevator

What are you most excited to do next week?

Almost the whole ALCNYC crew is heading up to Cloudhouse to visit @bear, @themadhatter, and Lilly.  By far, I am most excited to chop some wood!  Marx must’ve been right about labor, ’cause it’s fun for me.  I can’t wait to get out in the snow and swing an ax around.  It will warm me up in the moment, and later when there’s fuel for the fire.


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