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Space [upgrades], the Agile Frontier

Space upgrades have been on my mind this week.  Our spawn point has felt a little empty to me this year, and while minimalism can be great, I think it needs an upgrade.  @shadowjack has been wanting to do some more woodworking with me, and I think a spawn point upgrade would be a cool project for us to work on next.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

-Take down the huge mirror on the left side of the room and replace it with 6 more kanban boards.

-Build “cubbies” under the new boards on the left, and replace the bookshelf on the right with an identical piece.  This would provide 6 boards/storage areas on each side of the room, accommodating 10 kids and 2 facilitators.

-Add some more art!  There is already the awesome abstract art piece that @ninablanco and @thewitchqueen908 collaborated on, but I want to add more.  Maybe some Minecraft mobs?  Some baseball-related art/stat board that @fireballdeath and I could update daily?

-An upgrade for the crappy old chalkboard.  I’d like this to be both magnetic, and a white board, but I would settle for just magnetic.  Ideally, it would be a game shifting board, or one that could have multi-purposes.  This could also be used as a weekly intention board as we’ve done for the past two weeks.

The second project that I’m juiced for right now is an upgrade on the quiet room/lunchroom.  @tomis is planning on asking the church we rent our space from if we can paint, move stuff around and pretty much do what we want back there for next year.  If we can, I have some plans for the lunch room as well:

-build a storage shelf for glasses, mugs, and bowls with hooks underneath for mug storage

-build a vertical plate rack

-build a mini-spice rack

-get a working coffee maker


More ideas to come!


Love and agility,



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