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ExAlt Visit in Review

During the rest of my week at ExAlt, I had the opportunity to do some pretty awesome things with @alex and the kids.  Below are a few I had the presence of mind to document:



While planning the itinerary for the visit to old San Juan, Lelaia decided it would make the experience more authentic to take public transportation.  Though we waited for the “gua gua” for an hour, I’m really glad we took it and the train (which was much nicer and cleaner than the NYC subway) rather than driving.





Parque de las Palomas was our main destination on the old San Juan trip.  I’ve seen my fair share of pigeons while living in NYC, I’ve never seen this many in the same place… well, except on the rooftops of Bushwick, where they can be seen flying in their distinct tornado formations.




Another intention for our trip was to locate two Geocaches, which were hidden around old San Juan.  Here is the one we were able to find.  It was wedged behind the white sign to the right of Alex.



Above is the amazing view from the top of Parque de la Palomas.  In the distance you can see the mountains and rainforest area to the west of San Juan.



Another view from the top of old San Juan.  This dome is, I’m assuming, from the Spanish colonial era.  There were a lot of awesome old buildings preserved from that time that we got to see on our way back after lunch.



This was, by far, one of the coolest things I did at ExAlt.  Danny, Gabi, @alex and I had so much fun with this project, inspired by YouTuber Grant Thompson, aka “The King of Random.”  Check out our successful trial (rocket by Alex) here.



On Thursday, we went on an adventure that began as a fulfillment of a set-the-week intention to climb the trees on the ExAlt campus, and ended with us trekking through the mini-jungle behind the school.  I found some wild limes, saw the biggest bamboo of my life, witnessed a guy giving his friend a tattoo, found a trap door, and stumbled upon this awesome bird trolling the stream for fish. @charlotte, any idea what this guy might be?  ↓


As I sit in my NYC apartment, I reflect on how grateful I am for the amazing opportunity to visit ExAlt and Puerto Rico.  Thanks to @alex and the ExAlt community for making it possible!

Love and agility to ExAlt and to all,



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  1. Nina says:

    This is AWESOME! I’m so stoked that you got to go on this trip, Ryan. I’m looking forward to more inter-ALC trips to come for all of us. 🙂

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