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@timotree and I (finally!) reunited this week, and we played some Minecraft.  We did some work on our new survival world, “No: Desolation of Cheats,” aka N:DoC.

While out on a mob-fighting expedition one night, we stumbled upon a huge ravine.  I was hesitant to traverse it because it was so deep.  We would certainly die from jumping down, and building a staircase/mining down would take way too long to be worth it.  So, instead, @timotree suggested we use water streams to make our way into the resource-laden crevasse.

There was just one problem… I’m terrible at using water streams.  I’ve died more than a few times in #NOCHEATS trying to make it to @dimeglio’s AFK platform*, and tend to be pretty skitchy on the WASD when ascending the falls.  So, in vintage @timotree fashion, he built me a quick water parkour practice map so I could improve my skills.

Here’s a screenshot of the map:

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 2.59.26 PM

As you can see, I was given only two buckets (and a diamond, just for show) to traverse the course.  @timotree placed barriers around the structure in the center of the frame so that I had to approach it from the front side.  The pool to the right is an infinite water source from which I drew my liquid staircase.

As you can see, the area directly in front of the structure is blocked by cacti and lava.  The wooden signs are there to prevent placing the water source on the cactus blocks and on some of the faces of the building.

To get to the top, I was forced to jump onto a cactus, thereby harming myself.  Quickly, I had to place a water source on the vertical face of the building in front of me, and ride it to the top, where I had to polish my perpetually rusted WASD control to stay afloat.  Once at the top of the stream, I had to scoop the water source back into my bucket and place it on a slightly higher block on the structure, repeating this technique until I reached the top.  I am proud to say I accomplished by task in less than 10 minutes!

No longer a water parkour n00b, I can proudly say I learned a new useful skill in the block world of Minecraft, thanks to @timotree. Now maybe I can do this…

*(Grim Creeper’s AFK Platform):


Until next time- Love and agility,



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