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Speaking like an ALF: ALC Lexicon

This year’s Fall ALF Weekend wrapped up on Monday (you can find out about most of our workflow on @drew’s blog).  By far my favorite project was the ALC Lexicon, and not just because @abbyo was so gracious in her description of me and my beard =)

If you’ve ever walked into an ALC for the first time, or read our website, you’ve probably said, “Wait, what does ____________ mean?”  Yes, it’s true-  we have a lot of specific jargon around what we do.  ALC-NYC is a place where (9+10) x 2 = the meaning of the universe, and where everything is “basically temple run.”  The Lexicon document is the place to go for all things agile.  Not sure how to hold coherence for something?  Have no idea what Gameshifting means?  No problem.  Just head to the Lexicon and hit ctrl + f.

If you’ve been following the growth of ALCs, you know that our philosophies and tools are spreading (over 100 starter kit downloads in 28 countries!!!), and (very) soon, the network will reach a size where it will be impossible to know everyone on a personal level.  The Lexicon will be a way for ALFs and kids from ALCs everywhere to better understand and learn from each other.  It will be an Agile dictionary, encyclopedia, translator of sorts.

My request of you, my fellow ALFs and students is this:  PLEASE, add your own words of relevance to the Lexicon.  Represent your ALC and make meaning of the words that drive your intentions.

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