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The 5 sharing forms of Gratitudes

This week @abbyo and I co-facilitated the first week of our ALC-NYC summer facilitator training!  I want to acknowledge her for all the planning and logistics-ing that she did to make it all possible, and for her partnership in facilitating.  Also a big shout-out of gratitude is due to @tomis, @drew and @abram for their participation and facilitation this week.

I love the feeling I had Monday morning; that I could walk into the school and wait for the 15ish people to show up without any notes, visual aids, or a concrete plan for an order of topics, workshops, games, etc.  That’s one of the great things about ALF Summer events, in my experience- you can trust that the huge kanban that will act as a schedule will get filled up with juicy topics that are relevant to the needs of the program participants, and that there will always be (way more than) enough to fill the hours of each day.

I’d also like to mark an achievement for myself in this first week of our program… I facilitated the Archetypes Game for the first time at an ALF event!  And what’s more, the participants found a lot of value in it.  If you’re an ALF or ALC network member who isn’t familiar with it, ask me!  Hopefully I can facilitate a game at the 2016 “Main Event” in Charlotte in a few weeks…

reflect that the balance of work and play has felt perfect so far.  I get the sense from the group that we are balancing activities/games of movement (thanks to Yoni and Angela from The Muse for leading the partner acro workshop!) and play with serious, deep conversations about ALC tools, practices, and root philosophies very effectively.  I’ve learned 4-5 new improv games to add to my facilitation toolkit, learned a new way to explain the ALC Network via one of @drew’s awesome maps (upgrade!), fallen asleep during two afternoon sessions.  No, I DO NOT declare failure for doing this!  It’s an indication about how much I trust @abbyo to facilitate and play with the power of our awesome group that I feel comfortable enough to catch a few zZzz.

Finally, I want to clear that I am tired.  Not the frustrated, exhausted, wish-I-could-just-sleep-in-because-it’s-summer-and-I-need-my-summer-to recharge-because-I’m-a-teacher, damnit (!) tired, but the kind that comes with being very present and authentic with people who want to learn how we be, think and do all week.  Now that I’ve written it, I can release it and go home happy tonight, looking forward to a weekend recharge and to learning and playing more next week.


With love and agility,





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