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ALC-NYC Summer 2016 Acknowledgements

I am using our reflection/blogging time on the final day of ALC-NYC Summer 2016 to acknowledge these awesome people, without whom this inaugural NYC-based ALF summer facilitation workshop would not have been possible:

@tomis for gracefully transitioning from coherence holder (in order to allow Abby and I to co-plan/hold/facilitate our first ALF training) to program participant, yet powerfully facilitating conversations and breakout groups.

@serenagermany and @pigsfly for providing childcare and awesome student perspectives on ALC-NYC

@drew for his creation-myth animation, story-telling, and map sharing.  Oh, and also for Geoguessr!  We were driving along here and the seasons started cycling… haha.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 12.45.26 PM Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 12.45.46 PM

@abram for making time in his current WIP overload, pre-wedding blitz to come and offer his unique perspective on ALCs as a volunteer ALF and self-directed academic.

@douglasawesome for facilitating werewolves, running a spawn point, and helping make the SRB offering possible.

@starwars, @heartabby, @muffinsthecutest, @agilesaylor, @fireballdeath, and Zoe for showing up like a normal school week to support adults at the training in seeing self-directed learning at ALC-NYC in action.

Alex Patz for sharing her awesome, informative, and invaluable perspective as an Agile parent.

@nhoopee for offering a cook n00b session honoring my most prized dessert creation, the Banana 3.2.2 (actual version 1.0.0 – thanks to @timotree for writing the Changelog in Atom)

Yoni and Angela, for running the partner acro workshop in the park.  It was a HUGE hit and inspired a call for more at the ALF Summer 2016 Main Event.

Tim, Julia, Nancy, Jules, Victoria, Sarah, William, Danielle, Katherine, Kalli, who showed up powerfully, authentically, and openly, ready to work, play, learn and share.  We literally could not have done it without you.

Taasha and the dapper gentleman who brought wonderful catered lunches each day- it was such a huge help not to have to prepare lunch for myself (or anyone else) for 2 weeks.

@bear, for graciously sharing his notes on the Archetypes game.  It was a huge success and dare I say one of the most popular offerings =)

@melody for stepping in powerfully to facilitate, co-create, and play with us.  Your training is now complete.  ‘Join us…’ Together we can rid the galaxy of this destructive educational conflict, and hold space for the self-directed learning of all humans.

@abbyo (The Administer, The Contessa, Furiosa, Ms. Frizzle, The Emporer [see above link re: what she has foreseen] ) for co-planning and facilitating a wonderful 2 week training with me.  I am really proud at the space we held and for all we accomplished.  Always all the love, agility, and gratitude to and for you.


With love and agility,



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