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A change up for Δ↑

Here at ALC-NYC, our Changeup process has been evolving since the school began three years ago.  We started out with a mandatory meeting each Friday where people could bring their awarenesses about the culture and practices of the school, as well as their ideas to improve and upgrade (UPGRADE!) them.

Near the end of last school year, @timotree proposed a change up to the Changeup process.  Instead of having one mandatory meeting for everyone, he instead suggested we have a mid-week Check-in meeting where people would share their awarenesses (and check-in on how visiting students’ weeks were going), and then an optional Changeup meeting on Fridays to work through solutions to the awarenesses.  This would ensure that the people who chose to attend Changeup were focused and committed to the intention of the meeting, and release those that weren’t interested.

In a culture that strives to respect time of the individual and the group, this was a welcome solution for me as a facilitator, especially since much of my attention and energy in Changeup was spent trying to hold the focus of the kids who didn’t really feel called to be there.  It also interestingly meant that the kids who decided not to come to Changeup would be trusting the group who did attend to come up with agreements they would also be practicing.

After working fairly well at the end of last year and for the first few weeks this year, it seemed that Changeup could again use a change up.  We noticed that many of the people who shared their awarenesses on Wednesdays were not coming back on Fridays to work through them, so… starting this week, we decided to have Check-in and Changeup back to back on Friday morning, right after spawn (our morning, small-group intention setting meeting).  The intention here was to continue to honor the time of the group by releasing everyone after sharing and hearing the awarenesses of the group, but also encourage those that shared awarenesses during Check-in to stick around for the 2nd half of the meeting.  So far, so good after today’s Changeup meeting which featured conversations about starting a 3rd, (eventually) student-run spawn point, computer sign-up board agreements, an a review of the purpose of Check-in vs Changeup.

If you’re interested in seeing what we’re currently practicing at ALC-NYC, check out our CMB (community mastery board) on Trello.

[please excuse any mistakes- grammatical, spelling, or general bad English- in this post.  Friday afternoon is not my most focused or well-rested time of the week…]

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