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The Nimzo-Larsen attack

B3… what a weird opening. Then wait for E5.  Time to fianchetto that bishop to B2.  This is how the Nimzo-Larsen begins.  Interesting that Nimzo is the first part of the name, because it was actually Larsen that developed this opening. By placing pieces on squares that are out of the ordinary in most players’ experiences, the NL attack is meant to befuddle and confuse, which can lead to opponents making mistakes, especially in timed games.

After taking double digit beatings from @timotree, I felt it was time to try a new opening on for size, and the Nimzo-Larsen seems like as good a bet as any.  I do tend to (like to) castle on the right side as white too, so it keeps that bit of familiarity for me.  Let’s see how it works out…

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