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(Halloween!) Geoguessr Results 10/31

This week in Geoguessr, we tried a U.S. Halloween themed map that took us to exciting and spooky locations like Hell, Michigan, Deadwood, South Dakota, Salem, Massachusetts, and Tombstone, Arizona, the backdrop for the historic showdown at the OK Corral.  Most exciting of all to this guessr was Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, a part of the chain of barrier islands known as the Outer Banks (I spent most of my summers as a child in Duck, NC, just a few miles down the road from Kill Devil Hills).  This weird little town is now the sight for the Wright Brothers’ memorial to the first flight of a heavier-than-air flying machine.  While it is usually Kitty Hawk, NC that is mentioned as the sight of the first flight, it actually occurred in what today is Kill Devil Hills, which wouldn’t be founded until nearly 50 years after Orville and Wilbur successfully hit the skies.

Also of note:

We ranked in the top 5 for this map!

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