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12/14 Geoguessr

Back in action for another Geoguessr round this week was @theanchor, @hugo, and yours truly.  We decided to keep it American again, and had pretty good success.

The Arkansas location required a but of guesswork, and so we were furthest from our target there.  In Montana (which we guessed off the bat due to the landscape), we got a hint that we were close to the Canadian border when we passed a van with an advertisement for “American Imported Vehicles” featuring graphics of the U.S. and Canadian flags.  Colorado was almost an exact hit, as @theanchor identified that we had to be in the east (near the Kansas border) due to the less mountainous, desert-like terrain.  In Florida we found one of the weirdest things we’ve ever seem on a Geoguessr map… Ever seen this speed limit anywhere?

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