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12/19/18 Geoguessr

Our Geoguessr crew was back at (World Map) it again this week!  Thanks to @theanchor and @hugo for their consistent support in geoguessing this year!


We crushed the world average (about 9K) on this one- maybe due to 3 locations being in the U.S.- coming in at 22,086 for our final Geoguessr round of 2018.  The biggest challenge to us in this map was the final location.  We spent almost as much time on this one as the other 4 combined, eventually figuring out we were either in Ireland or Northern Ireland (mostly thanks to @hugo).


Is anyone even reading this/these post(s)?!  If so, and you want to challenge the ALC-NYC Geoguessr crew, email me at ryan@nycagile.org and we’ll face off in 2019!


With love and agility,


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