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1.9.18 Geoguessr

@theanchor @hugo and I tried something new this week:  the Geoguessr daily challenge!  We didn’t completely understand the rules (5 rounds with a 3 minute time limit for each round) going into it, as evidenced by our first score being pretty poor compared to our normal average.  We recovered to have a pretty solid (approximately 16,000) round after mistaking Peru for Mexico in our first location.  After finishing up and checking in on the high scores for the round, it seems as if some of these people either cheated or tried the challenge again after doing it the first time.  It’s hard to believe that someone could score > 4,990 on all 5 locations in less than 3 mins… Because of the time limit on the daily challenge, we had time for a second round this week and decided to throw ourselves a softball with an NYC map…

As you can see, we nailed this one.  A pin near Coney Island in Brooklyn was the only location that kept us from getting a perfect score.  We know our city!  Thanks to @sunday for joining in this week =)

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