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Calculating my weekly tonnage

@beths10 showed me a fitness video today in which one of our favorite strength athletes and coaches, Dr. Stefi Cohen, was talking about maximizing your training without over-training.  The easiest way to do this, she suggested, is to calculate your weekly tonnage (weight x reps x sets for each movement, then add each movement to arrive at total tonnage) and compare how you feel week-to-week based on your totals.


Here is a breakdown of last week for me:


I’m currently using Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 system for building strength, so I’ll break down my calculations into my 4 main movements [Front squat, Deadlift, Overhead press, and Bench press].


Here I’m going to include my main deadlift working sets, as well as the trap bar deadlifts I did in my assistance work for farmer’s carries.

248.625 x5 = 1,250
286.875 x5 = 1,450
325.125 x10 = 3,250

315×12 (farmer’s walks) = 3,780

Tonnage = 9,730

Front Squat

For this movement, I included the thrusters and back squats I did in my Sunday class.

131.625 x5 = 650
151.875 x5 = 750
172.125 x9 1,530

105×32 (thrusters) = 3,360

105×20 (back squat) = 2,100

Total = 8,390

Overhead Press

I am also going to include the same sets of thrusters I did for front squats, but impose a -25% penalty since they use momentum from a squat to generate movement.

87.75 x5 = 450
101.25 x5 = 500
114.75 x12 = 1,380

105×24 = 2,520

Total = 4,850

Bench Press

For bench press, I’m going to include my dumbbell pressing (floor and neutral incline) press work since the movement pattern is really similar to the barbell press.

166.725 x5 = 825
192.375 x5 = 950
218.025 x12 = 2,640

80×30 (DB floor press) = 2,400

65×45 (DB neutral incline press) = 2,925

Total = 9,740


Grand Total = 32,710lbs = 16.355 tons*

*this does not take into account the extra volume I accrued from assistance work like dips, chinups, good mornings, lunges, split squats, step-ups, and one-leg deadlifts.  I also went bouldering with @hugo, @douglasawesome, and @chimp for the first time in a month, adding extra volume to my back work.

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