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Star Wars Episode 9 Trailer is out!



What does it mean!?  Is Rey a Skywalker?  Does Anakin rise again?  Is Luke not dead?


There are so many questions… here are a few observations:

Rey looks to have a blue lightsaber in the opening scene of the trailer, and it appears to look exactly like Anakin’s (which was broken in her battle with/against Kylo in Ep. 8)… It looks like she was able to rebuild it, or recreate it.  In this scene we don’t have confirmation that Kylo is in the Tie-interceptor like ship, but the gloves we see sure look like his.  It looks like he will modify/get a new helmet as well.

Lando is back!  And he brought his old laugh!

There is a scene with a pair of hands (I think Leia’s) holding a medal… probably Han’s from the Battle of Yavin.

The skiff scene is definitely reminiscent of ROTJ- but is it Tatooine or Jaku?

The superlaser dish from a Death Star makes an appearance on a world that sort of looks like Ahch-to… but that’s doubtful. Given that we hear Palpatine’s laugh right after this, I think it’s more likely to be Endor (the planet) given that I just read on Wookiepedia that its forest moon of the same name is only 8% water.

Palpatine’s laugh could mean many things, ranging from a legends-inspired throwback to the Emperor cloning himself before his death, to him just showing up as a force ghost.  I think the later is the more likely, as it has been established in cannon that Sith usually persist as Force entities after death only when tied to a physical location, i.e. Darth Bane.


I’m too excited and overwhelmed to say more now, but needless to say this teaser has stoked my Star Wars nerdom to high levels.  Christmas can’t come soon enough.





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