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5/29 Geoguessr

@hugo suggested that we try a random map this week, and our second roll of the dice brought us to “US City locations.”  The algorithm started us off with a softball- a Brooklyn location that I knew because I used to play baseball at the nearby “Boys and Girls” high school.  Our second location was in St. Paul Minnesota, which we figured out when we saw a police car that netted us a near perfect 4,997 points.  Next up was Chicago, which was an easy 4,990+ with two recognizable cross streets.  Atlanta took us a little while to figure out, but a trash can eventually led us to another near perfect score.  Finally, we wrapped up our 24,990+ session with a Las Vegas location that was recognizable almost immediately due to the iconic billboards.  Not bad for a day’s work (about 50mins) of guessing.

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