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checking in on 2019 MLB predictions…

Back in March, @fireballdeath and I made our annual MLB regular and post-season predictions.  With a little over a week left in the regular season, I’m going to revisit my regular season predictions, originally posted HERE.


Well, I did pretty well here.  Who could’ve predicted the Red Sox would fall so far from the top after a run to a World Series title in 2018?  Well, probably more than a few.  World Series hangovers are definitely a thing, and they definitely had one this year.  Score:  4/5

AL Central

This was the one division I remember talking the most about with @fireballdeath.  I picked the Twins to upset the pitching-heavy Indians this year, and it looks like it’s gonna happen (Indians elimination # is at 6 as of today).  Again, I only made one mistake here, as I picked the Tigers to come in at 4th when they instead turned out to be the worst team in baseball.  Score:  4/5

AL West

In the best coast division of the AL I again made only one mistake.  I thought the Rangers would be trash with their pitching, which actually turned out to be a strength for them (Minor, Lynn and later in the season post-hype prospect Kolby Allard).  I should have known (Angles owner) Art Moreno would do nothing to surround Mike Trout with enough talent to even sniff a wild card spot…  Score:  4/5

NL East

Ok, so my Phillies phandom may have weighed a little heavy into my predictions here, as I had them winning the East.  Instead they’re greatly underachieved and disappointed me (and I’m sure owner John Middleton, who shelled out $330 million for Bryce Harper).  I did correctly pick the Nats to slot into second place, where they’ll likely finish with enough wins to host the NL wild card game, unless my Phillies and former Nat Harper can play spoiler.  Score:  2/3 (Mets and Phillies are currently separated by just 1/2 game so 3rd+4th place are too close to call)

NL Central

It barely feels worth it to even give myself a score here yet as everything is so close.  Heading into the weekend, St. Louis and Milwaukee are tied atop the division standings, with the Cubs only a game back of both.  What I did miss terribly here was the mediocrity and futility of the bottom two teams; I transposed the sorry Buccos with the home run-candidate (Eugenio Suarez and his 48 bombs) carrying yet still sub-.500 Red legs.  Score:  0/2

NL West

Uh. What the hell was I thinking!?  Being contrarian I guess in picking the Rockies to win the West.  This has been and will continue to be the Dodgers’ division for the foreseeable future.  They have a Cy-young candidate (Ryu), an MVP-candidate (Bellinger), and a couple of top prospects (Gavin Lux and Will Smith) as the prime for yet another deep postseason run.    I doubt many people saw the D’Backs coming in at over .500.  Wait… so I got zero picks right in this division? Yikes.  Score:  0/5


I’ll check back in October with my postseason predictions…

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