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Wikitrails: From Pizza to God

We took two roads less traveled today…
The first was Yakuza —-> Mars in 5 clicks!
Here’s how the trail was blazed:
Pacific Ocean
Solar System
We learned a little about the structure of the Yakuza, including how they self-define as “chivalrous” while the Japanese police and media refer to them as bōryokudan (violence group).
Our second trail took us from two things that to some people are exactly the same thing:  Pizza —> God in only 4 clicks!
Greek Gods
Thanks for playing, @charlotte and the ALC Mosaic gang!

The Weekly Sprint (In Review) 10/13-10/17

There is some definite failure to declare around my weekly intentions…

#NOCHEATS intentions:

The enchanting went really well, the hedge, not so much.  I would say we got about 60% done with our hedge-fence.  It is turning out to be really huge (approximately 20 blocks tall in some spots) and will encompass all of Minetown.  I also learned a few valuable lessons about the nature of leaf blocks- you can’t place torches and ladders on them…

*A note on Minecraft in general—-> I have decided to take a week off from craftin’.  I’m not doing this because I have changed my mind about MC value- I still think there is a huge amount, even “educational” value in the mainstream sense- but simply need a week away from the cube.  I have noticed we’ve been taking less park trips and staying around school more, and I don’t want to be a part of the reason for this.


We did an All-American journey this week and scored pretty decently (17,648).  You can challenge us here: http://ryanshollenberger.agilelearningcenters.org/2014/10/14/geoguessr-exploring-america/

[@drew and the Sterlings scored 16,100.]


Our first journey took us from Michael Bay to chips… we did it in 3 clicks!

The second round took a little bit more patience, as we made it from Taylor Swift to whiteboards in 11 clicks.

Here’s what our trail looked like (I’ll make a separate post with the video later):

1. Wal-Mart

2. General Merchandice

3. Merchandise

4. North American Industry Classification System

5. Retail

6. Stationary

7. Office supplies

8. Office Depot

9. [Back to] Office Supplies

10. Writing Utensils

11. Whiteboards!!!!!

Thanks to @timotree, @pinkpanda, @jacobcb, @tinocrafter, @charlotte, and Isabella (sorry I still don’t know how to find your @)!

-Participate in a Howard Zinn reading of the Columbus chapter of “A People’s History of the United States”


This week’s philosophy meeting was awesome.  We talked about vampires- their origins, evolutions, and place in human culture through the ages.  We began with watching the trailer to the original vampire film, Nosferatu… creepy.  We even went on a quick tangent and learned some cool stuff about angler fish.



I declare failure on this one… @shadowjack had a busy week and @timotree wasn’t juiced for it.    I am holding for this to happen next week, especially because it will be a cool and simple history-based activity for our visitors to join in on.

Zombie Munchkins and Werewolves:

Werewolves saw the addition of a new character this week, thanks to @timotree and @theskycookie.  Welcome to The Werewolf Elder…   His power is to be able to sacrifice one of his own kind to convert a villager to a werewolf (except for the Village Elder).

I am pretty sure we played one of the longest Munchkins games in history this week. @timotree won, though everyone had at least 8 levels when the dust settled.

Agile Soccer Club:

With 8 kids this week, we were able to play a better game of world cup.  Team “Mordor” won in a close game, beating Team USA, Team Eagles, and Team Red Lotus by only 1 goal.  We also practiced shooting, worked on our fitness and stretching.

@abbyo ‘s Adventure Map:

This was SO FREAKING COOL- and OP too.  @douglasawesome and I died 3 times (once because we decided to defile an altar… probably a bad idea in all cases)

Take a trip to “Swing-a-Ring,” and awesome playground near @douglasawesome ‘s house

We rescheduled for Monday due to bad weather.


Failure…only did Duolingo twice this week, though I did get my Lingot total up to 40 and purchased the “Flirting” bonus practice.  Learned how to say, “May I give you a kiss.” =)



Ok, I’m lagging a lot.  Time to log off and go to afternoon meeting.  Until next week agilites-


Love and agility,